Thursday, February 25, 2010

People you know

yesterday, once as faceless as tomorrow,
upon the mirrors that you see in the morning,
causing the glass breaking screatch,
that caused the lies of today to become alive,
invading the mind, and causing chaos,
feeling of immobilized settings,
that will not orbit around the beauty,
that is seen within you,
moon light cascading on you,
filling you with pureness,
that is needed to complete the puzzle,
the piece that makes you whole,
to be the one that you once read about,
eternity as the person you once knew.

my long

my long letter to you disappeared!How disappointed I am!I have to stop and go out for something!Hi, I'm excited to tell you I'm now back at home!But I spend too much time watching TV.It makes me feel tired but still I can't stop it. What should I do. I even hope my TV set is broken. But to tell you the truth, I had it fixed the day before yesterday! Oh, I can't live without TV. Who can help me out?Where are freedream, joyfulboy, anya, anine? come on and keep talking in English!Jeff, nice to read your reply. You have great perseverance. We should learn from solar, your name is funny.Welcome to join us. let's learn from each other and improve our English more.I will write to you all as soon as I am free.

Meeting destine

Meeting destine and record, instruments management, Register of fixed assets and supplies, In charge of financial work processes, internal communication and coordination. Independent day-to-day work, tracking and management the project, based on Familiar with the company as a whole in the ERP system. Use MANTIS to manage systems’ bug. Make PPT that summing up the status of projects. Transfer and resolve questions about ERP systems and about IT day-to-day problems in the form of e-mail. Assist the person in charge of the flow chart of company to produce (VISIO). Stick up for PC, etc with hardware engineers

Let's Play Nice for the Sake of Our Healthcare

What I am wondering about our healthcare reform is, why is our government stalling? Our government is continuing to go at each other's donkey and elephant throats to decide what OUR future will be in regards to health care.
I will admit it, Obama's plan will cost a pretty penny - the price tag recently jumped to over $950 billion, according to an article on I hope our government can really afford that, without asking us to dig any further in our lint-ridden pockets. These two wars we have been in have cost us quite a bit already, directly or indirectly, economically or otherwise.

My real problem is all of the fighting. We have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people that are unisured or underinsured because they are jobless (another issue we should remember) or they just cannot afford it. I really wonder if Republicans and Democrats can play nicely together on the bipartisan playground where healthcare reform is concerned. Obama has been in office for over a year and we have only moved minimally.

long time no see

long time no see.i miss you very very much.but i find fewer and fewer people call at this forum.i feel a little sad and pity.i really hope more and more people can come to this forum.this is really a good place and a good platform to to practise english.maybe you are very busy these days,but leaving your some words doesn`t waste you more time.please enjoy everyday and speak your mind in this forum.i`m sure if you can keep on doing all the time,you sure make z progess in your english.hello solar.welcome to this forum.i`m glad to chat thih you.i also hope you can have perseverance to write something in this forum.hi anine,miss you! i have been at home for one i come back again.i expect your reply.