Thursday, July 15, 2010

Optimistic and open minded

University graduate with Business Administration and Human Resource Management
- Solid working experience in HR consulting and sales management
- Proven ability to manage,ed hardy clothes mentor and motivate in a team environment to achieve results that meet or exceed client expectationsed hardy shirts
- Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese
- Optimistic and open minded, with strong self-study ability
- Good at communicating and logic analysis
- Excellent team leader and team-workerFlexibility Self-motivated individual, quick leaner and fair minded. EXAMPLE: I finished MBA course in less than one year .
Analytical my experience in the workplace, particular the exhibition experience, as well as both business and culture education background has helps nike tnme to evolve as a person and be able to confront challenges with a logical viewpoint and draw reasoned conclusions
.nfl football jerseysTeamwork ed hardyexcellent team player with good negotiating and communication skills gained from both academ
Self Assessment