Monday, January 30, 2012

particularly in recruitment and training

After nearly four years of work on human resources management recruitment, training, compensation and benefits, performance management and employee relations have a depth of several modules of contacts, particularly in recruitment and training, with deep practical operation experience. Through in-depth study of human resources, human resources work for a deeper understanding of human resource services work more, if the classification of transactional work, form a system, to optimize and improve processes, human resources management will be able to bring better benefits to the enterprise.Panasonic factory six years experience, including five years in the technical work, a year in management;
Good reasons for failure analysis and product management of non-conforming products;
Familiar with the manufacturing plant's production processes, proficient in car audio resolution, good electronics repairwedding cakes lily;Proactive work, get along well with colleagues, good at learning new things.Master's degree from the States this year, short-term internship experience . Have good communication skills, adaptability and learning ability. Stage the students also actively participate in and organized various activities, have good interpersonal skills. Strong sense of responsibility, high efficiency, active and willing to fully complete the task of higher level layout. Have strong English communication skills, can handle the normal English writing and reading work. OFFICE skilled use of computer systems, document processing speed. Undergraduate degree in Management of logistics professionals have some knowledge of economic and trade background, things are more meticulous and well-organized, has a certain flexibility capabilities. Although the lack of work experience, but I am willing to learn from practical work, I believe I will be able to quickly integrate into the team to create value.Senior management, responsible for P & wedding dress details andy L. EBITA target. 15 years 500 company sales, market experienceBU national business leadership experience, good strategic thinking, good financial knowledge and data analysisWell-known domestic business operating environment, http://www.avayausers.compolicies and operation of multinational corporationsTraditional distribution channels, strong business management and modern distribution channels, especially good at modern trade and Account Management
Overseas MBA, fluent English, strong communication and interpersonal coordination
Extensive large-scale team building, management experience
Extensive dealer network development, market promotion, brand management and service system